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A Billiard Themed Event

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Ambassador Marquees had the pleasure of doing a Corporate event for 150 guests with a Billiard theme, being the client pleaser that we are, we were more than happy to oblige! The event was hosted at The Down Hall Hotel in Bishop’s Stortford, it’s a stunning venue and our Marquee was nicely attached to the hotel via a walkway.

Marquee Hire

Sticking true to the Old-Fashioned Billiard theme, we decorated the Marquee with rustic pub furniture to really make the guests get a feel for the environment. The event was a corporate one and the theme really suited the event type, it was professional but also at the same time quite trendy. The main Marquee had a starcloth ceiling, giving it an exclusive Monte Carlo feel.

Marquee Props

A Billiard theme wouldn’t be complete without a pool table! We furnished the Marquee decorations  with old rustic pub furniture and a classic red carpet to keep in line with the theme. We put the pool table in a separate space in the Marquee to ensure that people wanting to play would be able to do so without interruption.

Old Fashion Design

We wanted to carry the ambience outside as well as in. The rustic barrels and stools were used outside as a special touch to help guests enjoy the theme all night long wherever they were!

Night time decoration

A Norfolk Country Wedding

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Ambassador Marquees had the pleasure of helping to create this beautiful wedding in Norfolk at the Barn Drift in Norfolk. The Bride and Groom wanted a marquee, without losing the beauty of the scenery throughout the day.  We were able to provide a Clear roof and walled Marquee to capitalise on the surroundings, helping to set the tone with a genuine country feel.

The open roof allowed for natural light to come in and brighten up the area, with only some subtle artificial lighting required for aesthetic purposes as the night drew in. The low lighting bulbs draped across the ceiling, together with candles on the tables produced a very romantic and intimate setting that was clearly enjoyed by the happy couple and their guests.

Tables and Chair Hire

As part of our consultancy service, we worked with the couple to develop their ideas of a rustic country wedding into reality, keeping the decorations to a minimum and letting the natural surroundings create the ultimate dining environment. From the use of furniture, to the minimalistic décor, we were extremely pleased to deliver the country theme and feeling that the clients had hoped for.

Marquee Hire

We would like to add that it really was a very nice venue for any kind of celebration, and a great space for a wedding. The ceremony took place in a walled side garden with the Bride, Groom and Minister stood in front of a stunning view of the clear blue sky and Norfolk countryside.


As with all of our wedding marquee hire services, we love the variety of working in different places, and trying to meet different personal tastes. Where this couple wanted a very simple, yet classy wedding, we personally feel that the use of wooden tables and chairs in the natural environment gave the wedding a genuine rustic look.

Wedding Event

Anybody can put up a Marquee, but not everyone can create a Memory

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Ambassador Marquees have been providing Marquee Hire services for over 20 years. From small backyard brunches, to big weddings and events, we have catered for all types of clients in almost every scenario and setting.

The experience of arranging all these events enables us to expect the unexpected, and we are fairly certain that we have encountered most of the issues that could be faced over our many years.

Probably the most important consideration when arranging a wedding or event is external suppliers and bringing everything together on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s where our experience really makes a difference.

Clear roof marquee Hire

We don’t just set up the marquee and leave the rest to you…! No instead we help with everything, bringing in tables, chairs, ceiling decorations, lights, heating the list goes on and on, we want to make sure that your event goes off with a bang and doesn’t end early because there isn’t a generator powerful enough to power the lights and the heating.

We have accrued a very good list of suppliers, and even have backup suppliers for our backups – just to ensure that if something were to go wrong, we are able to fix it right away! We aren’t oblivious to the things that can go wrong during an event, but a lot of people can be, and when you’re trying to juggle caterers, lights, decorations, location, marquee hire, guests, parking, generators, it can become incredibly stressful and the smallest hiccup can knock everything out of sync with the potential to ruin the whole event.

Wedding Decoration

No matter the occasion, we have a professional and experienced team that can help. We love what we do here, and it fills us with joy knowing that we have created an event that will leave clients with those happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Small MarqueeParty Marquee

Just to give you an idea of how our Marquee Hire sizes really range! On the left you can see how we fit a small marquee between 2 buildings creating a very private and intimate marquee, whereas the one on the right was a big wedding party.

We have a wide range of marquee sizes available for any occasion, no matter how big or small, from tight spaces to spacious surroundings for hundreds of people. So when you are planning your next event, let us do all of the thinking for you to make sure you can just enjoy your day!



Beauty in the Table

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The best way to bring your wedding theme and colour scheme to life is through your table decorations. It’s a great chance to let your personalities shine through, from sparkly tea lights to sweet-smelling foliage, shining candelabras to pretty pearls and crystals – the choice is all yours!


Flora and foliage are the go-to when bringing beauty and colour into your wedding. When you are choosing your flowers, it is important to consider what is in season to ensure you will be able to get your hands on exactly what you want. Whether you are looking for delicate and cute displays or tall and striking arrangements, there is plenty to choose from. You may even wish to opt for a more budget-friendly approach with green succulents on your tables to give a rustic feel to your wedding.


It is the oldest trick in the book, but it never stops being true that lighting is everything. Using candles, tea lights or lanterns in your table design is the best way to set an overall mood and help show off all the pretty details of your table décor that you’ve spent months thinking about.


Your centrepieces will be the crowning glory of your wedding table design. As the main feature of the guest’s tables, everyone is going to be looking at them throughout the wedding breakfast, and that means you’ll want them to be exceptional – something that stands out. The design and style of the centrepiece is down to your personal choice, so make sure you do your research and choose something that suits your wedding style and colour palette.

Table garlands

Floral table garlands bring instant style to table designs and give real impact to table décor. They’re an extra little detail that is a simple and cost-effective addition that you can create yourself and craft them to work with any theme. A perfect wedding decoration for any season.

Table runners & tablecloths

Tablecloths themselves are a standard item (or should be) available from the venue, however, you can personalise your design with a different tablecloth or runner. Once you have chosen your centrepiece, you can further add to your creation. You might want a full-spread tablecloth or a simple runner, but whatever you choose you’ll want perfect synchronicity with your colour palette and match the theme style so think about crocheted or delicate lace borders to differentiate them from the normal table covers.

You can also follow your design through with matching napkins.

Table names & numbers

Table names and numbers are a necessary item but can be made unique to both of you. Whether they are places special to you, holiday destinations, sports teams, movies, books, songs, games, famous quotes, flower names or gemstones (the list is almost endless), this little detail will make all the difference to your day and add greatly to your theme.

You’ll also need to think about how you’re going to display the names and numbers. This is another good one to google for ideas – there are so many options to choose from it’s impossible to list them all.

Place cards & menus

Place cards are a humble, but essential, requirement of a wedding table, guests need to know where they’ve been placed, and a small, beautifully designed card is the easiest way to do that. It’s also a nice little keepsake.

Menus are not as important to have as place cards are but are still a nice add-on to incorporate to your plan, as well as being another nice memory of the day.

It goes without saying that you’ll want your place cards and menus to match your invitations and order of service, so bear that in mind when you’re designing your table.

Wedding table confetti, crystals, gems and pearls

Make your table design shine by including a little wedding table confetti or colourful crystals, gems or pearls. It’s a classy and uncomplicated way to add colour or texture to the décor. Carefully scattering wedding dining tables, the gift table, welcome table or any other surface with eye-catching confetti is an excellent way to dress up your tables.

Wedding favours

Wedding favours are an age-old tradition, but whether they are part of a modern-day wedding is a contentious issue. Some want to keep to the old practices, and some want to bring them up to date. Whichever side of the fence you fall on they’re a perfect way to add a personal touch to your table. So, whether you’re purchasing your gifts or making them by hand remember these golden rules; keep your budget in mind, make sure it’s a practical gift, leave plenty of time to make or prepare them and stick to your theme, that way you can ensure they’re something that guests will appreciate.

Clear Roof Wedding Marquee Hire

Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

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A Clear Roof Wedding Marquee has become one of our most popular demands and we can certainly see why! With clever positioning and decoration, the final product can be a real show-stopper. Clear, panoramic views make way for some spectacular scenery, bringing your wedding venue to life.

The unique structure opens up the marquee to the surrounding greenery and sunshine throughout the day, and offers the chance to party under the beautiful starlit sky once the sun has set.

Wedding Marquee Lighting

Jessy Papasavva Photography


The Ambassador Marquees team pride ourselves on creating the perfect setting to meet any needs. Decorative cloths can be carefully draped to provide shade where necessary and clever lighting techniques can be used to compliment the natural sun and shade.

Wedding Marquee Star Cloth

Jessy Papasavva Photography


You may want to opt for a combination of two linked marquees; one with a clear roof to provide a bright, open area and another with a traditional ceiling for a little more shade in the summer months.

Large Wedding Marquee

Jessy Papasavva Photography


This also has the added benefit of creating the feel of separate rooms, should you want to keep the dining and dancing separate.

Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

Jessy Papasavva Photography


So, if you are looking to give your guests the extra wow factor and create the picture perfect day, a Clear Roof Wedding Marquee may be just what you are looking for.

Get in touch to find out just how we can help you achieve your dream venue.

Secret Garden Location

Location, Location, Location… Picking your Perfect Marquee Wedding Venue

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When answering the question why choose a Marquee Wedding Venue over a traditional setting, the obvious answer is the location flexibility. You can really make it your own – your imagination is your only limit!

One big decision to make is the Location of your Marquee. We have compiled the ultimate collection of inspiring settings for your Marquee Wedding Venue.


  1. A place close to your heart

If you are looking to keep things simple, you may opt to site your Marquee Wedding Venue in your own home (or that of a generous friend or family member!). This has the added benefit of being able to link to the house and make the most of the space you have available. You can party away with the most familiar of scenery around you.


Garden Marquee Wedding Venue Garden Marquee Wedding Venue

However, not everyone has a suitable enough lawn in the comfort of their back garden so may wish to venture further afield…


  1. A rural escape

This can be anything from a field in the middle of nowhere to a farm or some rolling hills in the beautiful English countryside, there are views for acres to choose from. Ambassador Marquees can help you with all the amenities you require to host the perfect night under the blue skies or starry nights within the stunning array of countryside on offer.


Rural Marquee Wedding Venue Field Marquee Wedding Venue


  1. An elegant setting


Those wishing to add that extra sprinkle of class and luxury to their Marquee Wedding Venue will often choose to host their event in the ground of some of the finest establishments the country has to offer. Whether it be a country or manor house, hotel or even a palace, you can be sure to impress your guests with surrounding foundations and prestigious backdrops for your party photo shoots.


Elegant Marquee Wedding Venue Picture Perfect Marquee Wedding Venue


  1. A historic affair


You may wish for the feel of your Marquee Wedding Venue to take you back centuries or even decades by picking a setting surrounded with history and bursting with character. Whether it is a dated stately home surrounded by a lake or a medieval castle dating back hundreds of years, you can be sure your event will be one-of-a-kind.


Historical Setting Marquee Wedding Venue Corporate Marquee Wedding Venue


  1. A familiar hangout


In the search for a beautiful Marquee setting, you may need to look no further than your local clubhouse, school or even pub! Golf courses often come with an excellent views and space will be ample at a rugby or cricket ground. Many opt for somewhere as familiar as their local pub with an outdoor area to leave all your guests feeling at home!


Rugby Club Marquee Wedding Venue Local Hotel Marquee Wedding Venue


Whatever the style, you can be sure there is something for everyone when looking for that perfect location. Our team of dedicated Marquee experts can help you along the way to see your vision come to life!

Old Brook Barn Open Day

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Marquee example for Old Brook Barn Open Day

Old Brook Barn Open Day

Saturday 5th May - 11am to 4pm

Ambassador Marquees has some very exciting news...

The Old Brook Barn has asked us to provide a marquee for the Old Brook Barn Open Day on Saturday 5th May.

So why not come along and meet the team?

The organisers will dress the magnificent barn as if it were a real wedding, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about your special day.

And if you stumble upon your dream wedding venue...

We can provide the perfect marquee to turn your dreams into reality.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Old Brook Barn Open Day collage

We’re Everywhere

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We have been working very hard over the last year to make sure that you can find us no matter where you look. We've got the two main social media platforms covered like Facebook and Twitter. However, did you know that we are also on pInterest and Instagram?

Get social with us!

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We are particularly happy with our pInterest site where we have set up some great boards with amazing ideas for vintage weddings, bohemian weddings, along with some lovely mobile bar ideas.

Click the links above to take a look and follow us or leave us messages.

Looking Back

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Wow it's been a busy year for us so far. We've had weddings, graduations, birthday parties and family celebrations to cover so far and it's not over yet by a long shot. We had a moment to pause and take a look back at the great events we have covered and the wonderful clients we have worked with. We've shared our favorites with you below.

21st and 50th Birthday Party for 140 Guests

This marquee had to please two generations celebrating significant birthdays. We love a challenge here at Ambassador so we created a bright and colourful party space. The marque was 9 x 27m, with a 3 x 6m entrance porch. A we added a 9 x 6m clear roof at one end to allow natural light during the early evening and the dramatic effect of the lighting to shine out as the evening progressed. We lined the rest of the marquee and fixed balloons in to create a great party atmosphere. The bar area was installed including LED coloured lights with twinkling fairy lights above to finish off the effect.

Bat Mitzvah Celebration for 100 Guests

This fabulously colourful setting was created inside one of our 9 x 15 m marquees. Erected specifically for the event at Rowley Barns, Borehamwood, we enjoyed setting up the interior with pinks, purples, oranges and yellows, in celebration of this Bat Mitzvah. Balloons with streamers attached filled the apex of the lined marquee and we hung bunting around the edges to give the area a great party feeling and finished off the tables with fresh flowers.

Graduate In Style

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We also have many Universities and Businesses who have chosen to use us to supply corporate and graduation marquee hire.

We can help you organise the event, creating a fantastic public space consistent with health and safety guidelines.

The marquee above is 12 m x 24 m, fully lined with a solid floor and theater style seating for 350 guests.

Call 0800 633 5012
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