Anybody can put up a Marquee, but not everyone can create a Memory…

Ambassador Marquees have been providing Marquee Hire services for over 20 years. From small backyard brunches, to big weddings and events, we have catered for all types of clients in almost every scenario and setting.

The experience of arranging all these events enables us to expect the unexpected, and we are fairly certain that we have encountered most of the issues that could be faced over our many years.

Probably the most important consideration when arranging a wedding or event is external suppliers and bringing everything together on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s where our experience really makes a difference.

We don’t just set up the marquee and leave the rest to you…! No instead we help with everything, bringing in tables, chairs, ceiling decorations, lights, heating the list goes on and on, we want to make sure that your event goes off with a bang and doesn’t end early because there isn’t a generator powerful enough to power the lights and the heating.

We have accrued a very good list of suppliers, and even have backup suppliers for our backups – just to ensure that if something were to go wrong, we are able to fix it right away! We aren’t oblivious to the things that can go wrong during an event, but a lot of people can be, and when you’re trying to juggle caterers, lights, decorations, location, marquee hire, guests, parking, generators, it can become incredibly stressful and the smallest hiccup can knock everything out of sync with the potential to ruin the whole event.

No matter the occasion, we have a professional and experienced team that can help. We love what we do here, and it fills us with joy knowing that we have created an event that will leave clients with those happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Just to give you an idea of how our Marquee Hire sizes really range! On the left you can see how we fit a small marquee between 2 buildings creating a very private and intimate marquee, whereas the one on the right was a big wedding party.

We have a wide range of marquee sizes available for any occasion, no matter how big or small, from tight spaces to spacious surroundings for hundreds of people. So when you are planning your next event, let us do all of the thinking for you to make sure you can just enjoy your day!